Page 20 - Rotten to the Core Processor

Page 20 – Rotten to the Core Processor

Not entirely happy with the colors. May change them for the book.

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  1. Crabe says:

    Ze advantage when comics authors makes fun of french people iz zat it ‘elp us to know what we should work on… Like the pronunciation of word beginning with “th” or “h”.

    Also, I didn’t noticed it before but the beret with the cockade gives Adrienne a soldier look.

  2. IAMMIZ says:

    Haha, mustardy coloring.

  3. fesworks says:

    I should tell you that Ardrienne is also generally not liked by the French (in-comic). So we are just making fun of Ardrienne (honestly).

  4. OrlahEhontas says:

    Methinks Ardrienne really, really, REALLY needs to get out more often. And stop talking (diatribing) in the third person, that just screams “I AM INSANE!” to the rest of us.

  5. alphatroll says:

    I like mustard…

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