Friendship is Science

Friendship is Science

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I’m not sure if this is canon or not, but I think it is great!

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Friendship is Science

Setting: Living room. Lenore is watching TV, vegged out on the couch. We never see what is on the TV. Lenore’s eyes are dilated, very joyed expression. (room for playing around with panels).

Eileen comes in, looking at the TV, and says “Have you been here all day? What are you…”

Lenore mumbles (without changing her expression or eyes), “It’s a marathon…”
Panel: Eileen’s eyes are now dilated, and has an expression of joy.

Setting: Living room. Lenore AND Eileen are both in an joyed stupor, with dilated eyes, watching the TV.
Ardra comes into the scene now, says, “Have you two been in here all day?”

Eileen and Lenore say together (without changing their expression or eyes), “It’s a marathon.”

Ardra is looking at the TV now, says, “Really, girls, its just a…”

Ardra’s eyes become dilated and a joyous expression crosses her face.

Ardra, Eileen, and Lenore are all together, very joyed, and in mid-song: “… Myyyy Little Ponyyyy! I used to wonder what friendship could beeee!”

(They are now obviously captivated by the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated cartoon show.)

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4 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    Please let this be Canon at some point

  2. Puck says:

    Until you all shared it’s magic with meeeee!

    It really is inescapable.

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