2012 Valentine's Day

2012 Valentine’s Day “Sex Drive”

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Ardra is participating in something called the “Valentine’s Day Sex Drive”, presented by the webcomic Sara Zero. It’s a accumulation of webcomic “fanservice” artwork for various webcomics. Ardra, of course, can’t go full nudity here, but you could find some nudity on other people’s NSFW contributions at SaraZero.com (while this links last!).

“Hope it’s in the spirit of the assignment without going too risque for the comic. Can’t get more revealing than the skeletal system. Had a lot of fun with this.” – John Peters

Here are the other participants in this event, some of these may not yet have their nude artwork up just yet…

For purposes of this event,
you must be 18 year old or more to visit:

Mike Dellheim – Prepare to Die
Amy Letts – Epic Fail
Jimmy Misanthrope – Agents of the Endtimes
Tom Szewc – Alone in a Crowd
J. Mackenzie Graham – Mozhaets
Eric Drobile – Hatefarm
Raven Perez – Raven’s Dojo
Nick Gonzo – Execution Day
Stef Marcinkowski – Sarah Zero
Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls – Lacey Investigations
Jack Cayless – Chimneyspeak (VERY NSFW)
Brad Brown and Leslie Ortego – Blaster Nation
Chella Morgan – TDUGN
Nate Hammond – Jazz and Jess
Darkharry – Endless City

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4 Responses

  1. fesworks says:

    I will get the links to the other sites tomorrow. Including NSFW notifications.

  2. Dixede says:

    lol Excellent. Now thats a twist.

  3. alphatroll says:

    Unlike those OTHER poseurs, Ardra takes it ALL off! 😀

  4. IAMMIZ says:

    This. Is attractive.

    Also, alphatroll, I love you.

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