Vengeance Squared - Page 34 (Inks)


Vengeance Squared – Page 34 (Inks)

Still trying to get these pages as soon as John and I (Fes) can. Summer is always a busy time with conventions and with me trying to find a new job, it’s been tough trying to coordinate.

I can reassure people that this chapter will get finished at some point. I’m not going to lie and say we will be doing anything very regularly, because I can’t promise that. I can only say that John and I will be doing what we can. In the mean time, I can post the inks as soon as I get them.

Once I settle into a new job, I will work with John to try and do something more regularly.


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Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2014 – Ardrienne

You might have heard of the Valentine’s Day Sex Drive. This is our third year doing it. Last year is was Faylin, and the year before that it was Ardra. Here is Ardrienne, drawn by John Peters:



Click through to see the full image and to get links to the other VDSD participants!

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